A Christmas Special | The Thorton’s Family Christmas Tradition


Hey Guys!! Kendra Thorton  TV spokesperson and PR businesswoman from Chicago decided to share her Family’s Christmas Tradition with me and we both decided that it’ll be a great if we shared it with my readers as well ! I hope you all enjoy it !! Happy Holidays !!!🙂


Thornton Family Christmas

The holidays are among us! If you’ve every experienced winter in Chicago, you know that the magic of the season never fades! Gift giving, Christmas caroling, and dinner baking are on everyone’s minds! Most importantly, families break out yearly traditions. Being Norwegian, my side of family’s traditions includes a lot of food and drink centered on our culture! Our Norwegian traditions are a bit different than the usual holiday activities that people participate in.


Raw Oyster Shot

All at once on Christmas Eve, all family members take a raw oyster “shot.” This usually provides a laugh or two for everyone!






Oyster Stew

 Our family makes lefse and kringla, traditional Norwegian dishes. Following the oyster shot, we enjoy a cozy bowl of oyster stew.


Our family toasts the holiday with a shot of Scandinavian liquor,called Akvavit, by shouting “skol!” which translates to “cheers!” The Akvavit shot doesn’t go down quite as smoothly as the oyster! It burns a little bit going down, but it’s all part of the traditions of the season! Don’t let the unique Norwegian traditions fool you, though. We take part in plenty of classic Christmas traditions as well! Every year we make “reindeer dust” to spread outside of my kids’ windows before the go to sleep on Christmas Eve. The kids love sprinkling the reindeer dust because it’s been said that it is the way Santa’s reindeer find our house that night! We also love putting up our tree in front of our big, bay window and decorating it with all the fixings. We decorate cookies to leave out on Christmas Eve and then snuggle and drink hot cocoa. Ice-skating is also one of the children’s favourite holiday activities! Through all of the traditions and chaos of Christmas, it is easy to get stressed and forget the magic of the season. Having travelled a lot and all over with former jobs, there is a lot of truth in the statement “there’s no place like home for the holidays.” Home is truly the most magical place to spend the holidays! Surrounded by family and being snowed in truly make the holiday season what it is. Due to my extensive amount of travelling in the past, I have spent Christmas in both warm and cold climates. Though warm is nice, it just doesn’t feel quite like Christmas without a nip in the air and snow on the ground. There is certainly beauty in sandy beaches and tank tops, but there is nothing like fresh powder and Christmas trees. What is the weather like during the holidays where you live? A cold, snowy Christmas surely works for the Thornton family, though. We love spending the holiday season at home are fortunate enough to say that we will be this year! We are ecstatic to have a repeat of Thanksgiving and once again have family sit around our Christmas dinner table! We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season, full of love, laughter and of course, food!

Happy Holidays from the Thornton’s !🙂



There you have it🙂 What’s the weather like where I live ? This year, it’s freeeeezing cold !! What’s the weather like where you live ? Leave us a comment telling us a few of your own Christmas Traditions🙂

Happy Holidays !!!!

 And please do check in tomorrow same time for my own Christmas Outfit post !! I’m pretty excited  :)


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