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*Kaleidoscope Spotlight* “I Am Andre Mozart” by Wolfman



Amehh popularly know as Wolfman recently dropped his EP titled ” I Am Andre Mozart” , After listening to it, I decided to interview him ! Enjoy 🙂


*Tell me what music is to you ?

Music is art. There are no limits to what you can create with it.

*You named the EP , “I Am Andre Mozart” what’s the story behind that ?

Andre Mozart is what I call my “Music Alter Ego”And with this EP, I made songs that i’d enjoy making/listening to as a person, regardless of what is commercial.

* What inspired the creation of Andre Mozart ?

The way I see music. I feel I look at music from a perception that’s far from the ordinary. So I created a ‘not-so ordinary’ ego .

*Who and who did you work with in the making if this project ?

I featured Oscar and B.O.S on some tracks but did everything else myself.

*How long did it take to make this EP ?

About 3 months.

*Okay now let’s talk about the songs ! Which ones are you most proud of ?

I can’t tell really. I’m proud of the whole project. But I especially like Work Of Art because that’s a song I won’t normally do.

* What the story behind “Work of Art” ?

I made the beat ages ago and on one night I was playing through my beats and I heard it. I was freestyling to it & it was coming out good, So I made the song.
*Nice 🙂 Do you have anything else you do on the side ?
Apart from producing and rapping, I go to school haha 😀
* What are you taking in school ? And how do you mix both your music and school ?
I’m doing Computer systems Engineering.  Music doesn’t interfere with education surprisingly, so I try my best on both ends.
* I know you just released this but do you have any more projects in progress ?

 Yeah I do actually. I’m working on a mixtape with Oscar. It’s likely to be released in 2014. Be on the look out for that.

* Tell me , which music artistes you look up too and why ?

In the Nigerian music industry, I don’t really look up to any artistes. I just think some of them are quite good at what they do.

 *How about other Music Industries ? Any few you fancy ?

In other countries, I look up to Childish Gambino, Andre 3000, Ryan Leslie, J. Cole, Pharrell, No I.D and a few others.

* To wrap this up ? One question for the Season, what do you love about Christmas ?

What I love about Christmas is that I get closer to God because of the amount of times I go to church during the season.

Well there you have it,”I am Andre Mozart” By Wolfman

The EP

Connect with Wolfman

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