#Spotlight Change and Revolution | A Platform Where Young Africans can Find Their Voice through Politics, Social Activism & Afro-Entrepreneurship


Hey Guys!! I had the honour of interviewing the Founder and CEO of “Change and Revolution” ; George Ogunbande popularly known as George Rocker , He talks about a couple of projects he’s done, his view on politics and more, enjoy 🙂


* “Change and Revolution” , What is it ?

Change and Revolution is a platform where young Africans can find their voice, either through politics, social activism or entrepreneurship or better still ‘afro-preneurship’ .

What pushed you to start it ? Any Inspirations ?

Greedy leaders! I felt young Africans were not pushing enough to have a change as at then, maybe because people weren’t informed or they didn’t just care about the what was going on! That was ten years ago when the whole passion started..

* Do you have a team behind it ?

No I don’t… its a sole management for now. 

*I think you are doing a great Job, tell me about a couple of your pasts projects Starting with the Top 10 African Persons of the year.

At the beginning of 2013 around Feb I made a documentary called The Revolution Story.. It featured various Africans in Windsor, It talked about passion, the principle of TSA (Think, Solve,Act,) and how afro-entrepreneurs can start doing stuff for themselves. it was featured on various blogs including bellanaija and other similar blogs.

Another was the BEAM Inc seminar I participated in during the fall in Toronto, A spoken word project I did with TubiFilms and Ftaiwo  

Then recently Top 10 African persons of the year, which was incredible … people voted for their preferred leaders and people who made an impact in the last year, new names emerged, those we haven’t really heard before, so that ,experience was interesting.

* What do you have to say about the result from the poll, do you find it accurate, or think some people were to come before others?

I think its the people’s choice, although there were some people who I was almost sure they will emerge because of the buzz they have had recently, nothing surprised me because I expected the ‘worst’ in a good way! so the result came with a smile on my face that people really made a difference in the last year no doubt because people felt their presence.

*Nice! How about other past projects ?

Other projects were kinda different in the sense that they were a poll thing.The documentary for instance was really impressive to an extent at least it was recognized far and wide and people had something to say either positive or negative which was encouraging because now I know that African youth are now much more interested in wither politics, or being social entrepreneurs. The point here is entrepreneurship is not just starting your own business, its being creative and independent while even working for someone else.

* What do you think about Politics in Nigeria as a whole ?

Politics in Nigeria is played by greedy fellows, people who do not have the interest of the people at heart. And the worst of it all is the environment has not been conducive to express creativity.

*And do you plan on going into politics later on ? or this is just a hobby

I plan to be a politician

*What are you taking in school ?

Labour Studies with Human Resources

*And how’s that ?

Pretty good, Almost done. I’m in my final year.

*That’s great, Any plans after you’re done ?

Get a job and write some professional exams then masters later, then Nigeria eventually.

*Nice !! To wrap this up I’ll like to ask If you have any advice at all for people willing to say go into a politic driven blog like yours ?

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Go for it! You have nothing to loose, but you will regret that you didn’t lend a helping hand, It will always linger on in your mind forever. I always believe in people having an opinion, don’t just swallow what people throw at you. Never follow the band wagon, because at the end you will be the one dance to the tune.

There you have it!!!

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1 comment on “#Spotlight Change and Revolution | A Platform Where Young Africans can Find Their Voice through Politics, Social Activism & Afro-Entrepreneurship

  1. I think its been so unfortunate that since we’ve gained independence, we’ve never had someone to play the role of a leader. I mean all what they care about is being partaker of the ‘National Cake’. But there’s really more to being a leader than being at the top. To be leader you, speak more through your actions than your words. Since independence, all we’ve ever had were ‘RULERS’. So I believe one of the very first steps towards solving the problems we’re facing in Nigeria is to elect a ‘LEADER’ not a ruler.


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