The Revolution ~ Afrofest 2014 ( Promotional Pictures) by M.A.S.A



“We have focused on showcasing African culture through acting, singing, dancing etc, but this year, we wanted to focus on contemporary African history and the African experience. Our show is about a student revolution. Set in an unnamed country, it is about a student leader who rallies his fellow student to revolt against the corrupt government. With our show, we hope to inspire everyone to at least do 2 things: 1) Examine Africa’s current situation and question the status quo, we want our audience to ask, why is Africa so corrupt and why is it okay ?
2) Inspire you to act, we want you to know that even as an African student in a foreign country. I can be the change, I can revolt, I can start my very own revolution! By the end our hope is that you leave our show ready and willing to change the world, no matter how big or how small this change is.” ~ Yemi fusigboye



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