Before you continue reading, I’d like to say that everything you’re about to read is just my own view on things and if you disagree with some or all of it,  that will be completely understandable 🙂 . Yes!  so where were we?  Perception …. First off!  Why this Topic?  Well earlier today,  a friend of mine asked “Why don’t you show it when you’re angry? ” and I took a second to think , this wasn’t the first, second nor even third time I was asked this question . I smiled and said

” I think it’s my Perception on things, I choose to be very willing to listen and pretty slow to speak,  so I can understand what type of message is being passed across and if it is negative in any way I immediately claim it void, say nothing and move on. I’m an optimist and I choose to gain, If I’m to loose or cause myself some type of embarrassment, it makes no sense. I decide to see the good in people because knowing the bad brings no joy, I choose not to judge because I wouldn’t want to be judged, Everyone has different shoes to fill and whatever reason they had to do what they did is their business,  I see the good until I’m proven otherwise.  “

I need you to understand that the way you react to a situation completely depends on how you perceive it and that reaction will define the means and the end. I wouldn’t want to take much of your time so that’s that. I just decided to share my view with my readers 🙂 Like I said earlier some may disagree and that’s fine because

Everybody has their own length of perception.

What do you think?

9 comments on “Perception

  1. You should take MBTI personality test. I think you’ll find your personality type very interesting.


  2. I think knowing how and when to express your anger is really important. Personally I’m a slow speaker in any conversation cos I love to analyzing what to say and how to respond. So a lot of the time I give myself room to think about what to say and how react. And majority of the time I end up ignoring such comments. But I think the major reason why people end up expressing their anger (especially negatively) is because we place too much value on people words and hence we find our self having to talk back and retaliating . The bottom line is the VALUE you place on peoples’ word will determine how you’ll choose to respond.


    • That’s true, it’s the meaning we place on the words that stirs up the anger ! Once that is checked, we can then control our anger and not react in a negative way .


  3. Yes, perception is very very important, it determines your reaction… nice write up.


  4. Hey there! I really like your blog and have nominated you for The Liebster Award! To participate, the rules and questions are over on my blog ——–>>>>http://thebayarean.com/2014/01/22/the-liebster-award/


  5. I completely agree. Paraphrased of course, but it’s been said that what happens to you is a result of your reaction rather than the event. “Perception is 9/10 of the law.” I stand by that, as an optimist and a realist. I create my reality with my thoughts.


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