*Kaleidoscope Spotlight* Nafsi Dada by Nina Blank



Hey Guys !! I have always been and still am a big fan of all girl group Nafsi Dada ! So I decided to interview the very inspiring Nina Blank to get to know more ! Enjoy ūüôā


* What is Nafsi Dada ? What does it represent ?

Nafsi Dada translated to Soul Sisters ! It is a platform to highlight female artists. As female artists, we must put a piece of our soul in our art for it to be genuine so, we are all connected as soul sisters.

* How did it come about ? 

I met my friend Shani Vee at uni and we connected through dance. That was our art, it empowered us as young women so we decided to share this with others.We realized the value of art & expression & were able to share our stories & emotions through it & with Nafsi Dada hope to encourage others to do so.

* There are a couple of programs Nafsi Dada does, could you give more insight on that ?

There are currently 3 programs. With the ‘Lights,Camera,Dance’ program, dancers are taught (or use their own choreography) which they perform for a videoshoot set up by Nafsi Dada. There is no set group or dance crew but it is open to young hardworking dedicated dancers who deserve a spotlight.The 2nd program ‘Leading Ladies’ highlights young artists through interactive video interviews. From hairstylists to singers to activists to athletes, any young female who works hard at a skill or craft, contributing to their community in a positive way.The last program ‘Dance Workshops’ features an empowered young female teaching dance workshops throughout the GTA.¬†Nafsi Dada also coordinates community fundraisers where young females are taught the importance of giving back to the community.Dancers are also provided the opportunity to perform at various events in the GTA.¬†All programs increase the young females’ sense of accomplishment, empowerment and much more.


Psquare in Mississauga Alingo promo videoshoot 

Nafsi Dada is always recruiting dancers, leading ladies and volunteers. From social media representatives to clerical staff, Nafsi Dada’s goal is to be staffed with young females. We hope to raise future leaders through positive (not perfection) role models.

*If someone would like to join Nafsi Dada , How do they go about it ?

If you wish to get involved in anyway send an email to

* To wrap this up, do you have any advice for people trying to embark on big projects ?

My personal advice to young people embarking on big projects is to follow your dreams, opportunities will come. Don’t look at it as a big project cause it may overwhelm you, instead set smaller goals. Don’t do it if you are not passionate about it cause money only motivates for a while. Most importantly, Everyone else will have their own opinion of how things should be but it is your project, your dream, so stay true to yourself.


There you have it! Nafsi Dada in a nutshell !!!

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