Music | Open Letter by Deuce (Viral Video)



Deuce is an upcoming artist; His style comes off as mostly a 90’s hip-hop Era type of flow. He recently released a video for his (Open letter Freestyle).

“I made this open letter freestyle at a moment in my life where I felt everything in my life wasn’t falling in line well for me. 2013 was a really rough year for me; I lost my best friend (My personal producer) and also a close relative. So basically I sat down and decided I wasn’t going to sit around and drown myself in the pain, which is why the song comes off as me releasing a lot of emotions. I stumbled upon a beat by Jay z, from his popular track open letter, so I figured that the name of the track was open letter, so I used this as a chance to vent out my emotions.
     At a point in the song I cut the beat in order to let people understand where I was really coming from, most people mistake my acapella verse as me bragging about money and cars and fame. But that actually wasn’t the case; I had been going through a rough patch with a couple of guys so I decided where better to vent my frustrations than in this open letter track.
     Few months later I decided to record a viral video for it and to God be the glory it received massive love and I hope to continue building from it.
    I’d like to give a special shout out to every one who has shown me love out there so far, namely my Rap Colleagues Oscar, B.o.s, Cyklone and Wolfman. Shout outs to Ehiz too for his constant support in raw talent. Shout outs to my city Windsor too, they’ve been working hard at putting us Windsor rappers on the map.” ~ Deuce

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