*Kaleidoscope Spotlight* Musik by Zino



Zino talks about Music and Beautiful Toronto

Enjoy! 🙂


* I got linked to your youtube channel by a friend of mine Nina Blank and I immediately fell in love with the first video on there “Temporary Love” and I was like I have to do an Interview on you! Tell me a little bit about yourself ..

Well as you already know my name is Zino, R&B singer/songwriter/producer/engineer born in Toronto, parents are both from Nigeria…. I’ve been singing for quite some years now, and I just started to actually consider sharing my music with the public, so that’s what I’m pretty much up to!

* Now let’s talk about music, I’m getting this laid back R&B vibe from your songs, tell me what kind of Musician you think you are ?

I see myself to be just what you said, “a laid back R&B singer” I get the thrill of music making simply by implementing harmonies to my vocals to give it somewhat of a soothing and warm sound.

* When did you decide to go on this Music driven journey ? What and Who inspired you ?

I’ve always had love for music for as long as I can remember since I come from such a music oriented family. My eldest brother was a very talented lyricist and my sister is a very talentedlyricist and vocalist and she is also a JUNO NOMINEE “Isis from THUNDERHIEST” So I pretty much got my direction from them both.

* “Temporary Love” I love that song! What’s the story behind it ? Any girl inspire you ? 🙂

LOL! Well, the lyrics of the song is pretty much self explanatory, Its all based on my previous relationship with this girl that I loved, but she kept telling me she believed my love was Temporary. So during that point in time we were going through a rocky phase in our relationship and I couldn’t express what I truly wanted say directly to her, so I decided to put it in a song.

* My second best “Red Light Special” Has this sexual link to it, very chilled back too!! type of song one makes love too!! What’s the story behind it ?

So here’s the thing, majority of my music your yet to hear is very sexual, I guess you can say that’s where I deliver more lyrically..(don’t ask lool) . But the music that actually inspires me to make music is OLD SCHOOL SLOW JAMS i.e: Jodeci, Usher, Ginuwine, R Kelly, Tyrese, Tank and a few newer artists like Eric Bellinger & TY Dolla Sign.

*Do you have any more singles coming out ? If so when ??? and what are they like ?

I have a single coming out soon called “No More” and i’m also going to be shooting a video for Red Light Special. both coming out really really soon. I’m also dropping my debut album in the summer called “Tailored” which is me Tailoring R&B to my fit/style

* Anything else you do on the side ?

Yes actually, I’m the CEO of a website called BEAUTIFULTORONTO.CA along side the Founder of it my cousin “Wilson Vaughan” . is pretty much a website that gives people with talent more of a bigger social platform to present themselves…We also have a fashion page where promote our models and various fashion designers within the city.

* Favourite quote ?

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

 Connect With Zino

Instagram @zinoofficial
Twitter @zinoofficial
YouTube channel @Zinoofficial

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