Music | Cyklone X Leo Crystalz – Ecstasy



A Valentine Special

Cyklone X Leo Crystalz

“Ecstasy is my first official single of 2014, used as a stepping stone into my new approach of insightful music with meaningful content. In an industry diluted with mediocrity I’m looking to provide a voice that’s speaking the hard truth in a true art of presentation of my words. I’m looking to release more music in the coming months to help give a clear vision of my current state of mind and help tell the story of the world I see when I walk out the door. I’m hoping those who listen to my music can visualize this world with the sound of my voice. This is the adaptation process of my story telling skill so when the world get’s dark my lyrics go beyond shining light on the dark places but rather actually helping people enter a utopia where my word can be a world for them without darkness, fear or pain.” ~ Cyklone

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