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Featured Designer | The Soyaya Collection by Tee’s Designs



Tee’s Designs was founded by Taibat Lawal who is also our main designer. With her African roots, her vast experience and her passion for fashion and helping people; she has been able to make Tee’s designs not only your one stop online store for most of your accessories need but also a medium that puts bread and butter on the tables in some homes. It gives these refugee women the flexibility of doing they love doing best; crafting and sewing! by providing them with employment, encouragement, and dedication to their long-term success in the new environment they have found themselves in. Through a living wage and continued training & development, our goal is to lead the women to financial independence and self-sufficiency. We are involved with the International rescue committee in Dallas where we help refugees earn an income.

Their mission

To cater to fashion conscious men and women seeking distinctive eye catching accessories by providing high quality products with innovative designs at reasonable prices and personable service all while maintaining ethical business practices

The new collection is called Soyayya – meaning love in Hausa language

what inspired it and what it’s about

I grew up in the Northern part of Nigeria and had to move to Lagos in 2000 due to the endless riots, even though I have never witnessed a war, with all these riots comes with a numerous loss of lives. Most of these riots were religion based but in 1999, it was a tribe thing. Though a Yoruba girl, have aunties that are Hausas ( my grandmother remarried to an Hausa man after my grandfather died), 1 got married to an Edo man, and at that moment I had a relative that was dating another tribe. We also have muslims and christians in my family (almost 50% each) and we get along well. On sallah day my cousins will be at our pplace a day before, and we we all celebrate together. On easter or Christmas we will do the same and help get the food ready while they went to church service. Our different religions and tribes was never in the way. My question is why can’t the world be like that, why can’t you just see the person next to you as another human struggling like you are to provide from himself/herself and their family? WHY?

My collection – Soyayya is a my little way of promoting love for one another as humans, regardless of your tribe/race or religion. Value life, so someone else can treat yours to as precious. The collection is inspired by a peaceful world and love for one another. They are all made using baltic birch plywood and African fabric – specifically ankara. The collection is rooted in history and yet has a modern twist to it because of its abstract geometric form. Each piece is named based on the theme of World peace and love.




You can check out the full collection at

They also make shoes and purses in African Print as well





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