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Black and Tall @ Downtown Sudbury



 Village International mural by Sarah King-Gold

Yesterday was one of the warmest winter days, Sudbury had a whooping 2 degrees Celsius! 🙂 So I decided to visit Downtown Sudbury and of course have pictures taken. I was accompanied by the beautiful Sonia Katimi  , she was also my photographer for the day 😀 .

First Stop | The Village International mural by Sarah King-Gold


I admire this work! when I first saw this mosaic, I quickly researched and saw it was her who made it and read an article on her by , titled Art That No One Owns .  It’s something that cannot be viewed at one glance, you have to stop and probably take a few steps back and admire the whole piece! 🙂


hahaha! here I felt like a model lol! Sonia Kept saying I love it , Yes! Strut ! looool and I was posing my life away 🙂




Second Stop | Orange Meets Black


We found an orange wall right after the Mural and first thing that came to my mind was the hit series on Netflix that had me hooked “Orange is the new Black” and I happen to be wearing and all black outfit too lol 🙂 !


Let’s talk Orang is the new black ; Don’t you just love Janae the track star and Taystee the Prison Librarian 🙂 and let’s not forget her best friend  Poussey 🙂 ohhh and don’t you think Yoga Jones is the cutest and don’t you just love Lorna Morello accent !!! I can’t wait for Season two!! that’s coming in June 😦



Third Stop | Blue Brick Wall




Last Stop | Cafe Petit Gateau





Sonia and I then sat to enjoy some tasty Vanilla cupcakes 🙂

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit : Boohoo

Shoes : Dollhouse


There you have it ! 😀

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13 comments on “Black and Tall @ Downtown Sudbury

  1. I love the Orange meets black set of photos


  2. You can never go wrong with an all black outfit. Love it!


  3. Such a great idea! Instead of 3 outfits-3 backgrounds! I love the mural its so cool but i think the blue background shows up the outfit the best. You look STUNNING as ever and really nice in those heels too! These posts keep getting better! xx 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The first mural had me wow-ing!!! Such a perfect background for an all-black outfit. Then I got to the next one with the orange mural. My dear, you know what you need to do. This week’s Thirsday should be a throwback to the one with the orange background. I don’t need to tell you what caption to use.
    Thank me later 😉 ❤


  5. So happy to see these photos of you in downtown Sudbury! Love that you enjoy the mural I created. Thank you!


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