The Quad

The Quad | Episode 1



No more sweaters, head warmers, gloves and shovelling snow. Ugh. Well ain’t nobady gat time fo’ that. Shorts (check) Polo’s (check) Tee’s&Tank’s (check) and lastly condoms (check). What? The condoms? Oh please, we all need them in the summer & we have to be safe still. This summer is going to be LIVE- events, clubs, house parties and babes. The tensionin’ gatss be real.
So I get a text from James. There’s this “paranoma” party coming up and as usual, he wants me to organize babes for him. I can’t promise anything but I’ll try. PARANOMA. This party cannot flop. It’s my boy MC’s first event alone. He launched an entertainment company not too long ago and this is their first event since then. MC has his own issues though. He’s dating this babe Andrea who’s a complete bitch. Yes she’s a bitch and the funny thing is she would tell you to your face. Andrea met MC through their friend Zikky (weird name yeah) and they “hit it off”. Well not exactly. Once Andrea met MC and realized the kind of power and influence she has my girl hooked him immediately. She has goals and with him by her side, achieving them would not be easier. Back to paranoma, it’s either Andrea’s way or nobody’s way. Yes, she’s also very bossy. Don’t call me a bitch or backstabber cause she knows all this. They started looking for sponsors and a venue. Going from friend to friend, trying to convince everyone to sponsor their event and all. It wasn’t easy considering the fact that people didn’t even like them together they eventually gold-digged their parents and claimed they found sponsors. Fast-forward to the event day. Everybody is turnt up and all. This is the beginning of a new era they believed. Paranoma would change everything. People started arriving and what’s the first thing we see- a random spacious room turned into an event hall. INTERESTING. It’s 8pm and this event was meant to start by 7. The organizers aren’t even here… It’s going to be a long night I guess.
There’s obviously a backstory to all this. There’s A LOT you all don’t know. Don’t worry I’m here to fill you in as time goes by…
I’m so rude. Who am I? You’d never know…

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