The Quad

The Quad | Introduction



Hey There! 🙂 Welcome to this new category on the blog called “The Quad” . 

So I was approached by an anonymous person to include some gossip into the blog. I felt very uneasy about it and said no, that it will be very messy, then Doe ( Doe~ the last name of a person whose identity is not known) said it will be very clean yet interesting and I said hmmm expatiate, and Doe said that no real names are used. Then I added “so it’ll be fake yet not so fake?” “Like an interesting read with that Deja Vu feeling ? ” and Doe replied saying “exactement !!!” Doe’s french by the way lol :). okay naaa Doe isn’t. So Doe has decided to send me weekly write ups like a series kind off, a web series without videos to be more clear, and I have to read through them to make sure there’s no incriminating evidence or something that could bring me death threats lol, and after which I publish them. This is more of a trial and with time I would know how to continue. But for now, I’ll just say sit back , relax and enjoy.  . First episode drops right after this, stay tuned. It starts from last summer. 😉

Au Revoir.

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