AFROFEST2014: THE REVOLUTION Interview Series Part 1|| Meet Akiki and Caroline

unnamed (1)

“In previous years, we have focused on showcasing African culture through acting, singing, dancing and other acts. This year, our focus is to challenge the status quo in Africa. We, as African students, are tired of the current state of Africa, and we know that the time for change is now. Our show is our revolution. Our hope is that you leave our revolution ready and willing to change Africa, no matter how big or how small this change is.” ~ MacAfricans

Aren’t you excited ??🙂 Don’t you just feel the love !! Caroline is played by the beautiful Zara Udochi and Akiki is played by Mr President Philip Omoregbe. I’m pretty pumped for Afrofest and you should be too, A few more weeks people !!!!! Get your tickets




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