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#Spotlight Blue Radar Entertainment’s DJ Tomisin


TomiDJ Tomisin’s jukebox volumes have been trending lately and I decided to do get with the movement and do a brief interview with him! Ladies and Gentlemen, Tomisin Idowu

• In a few words what is your definition of music?
Music is a combination of sounds that sound beautiful. When I listen to music, I love to hear all the elements involved.


• Tell me what inspired you to become a DJ? Any Influences?
I love music, as a child.. I rapped but I knew I was no good. I decided to give disc jockeying a try and people (my friends) thought I was good, so I stuck to it.

• Let’s talk about your jukeboxes, I’ve listened to quite a few of them and I really like the 2nd one. How frequent do you drop them? And the artwork too, who handles that, they are neat?
Thank you very much. I drop them every week, on Fridays. The one and only Damola Afolabi, CEO of BlackVudu designs, does my artwork. Thank you on his behalf.

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• Say you’re to play at a party or an event, how do you make a mix, do you choose songs that are in vogue or songs you like or songs pertaining to they type of event or party or a mix?
When I DJ at events, I never decide what I play based on my taste. It depends on what the crowd is feeling in general. It also depends on the event setting and theme. I of course put throwback songs that people haven’t heard in a while.

• What are you taking in school? And do you plan to take this to another level or this is more like a back up plan?
I’m currently studying Petroleum Engineering in school. I plan to graduate and give disc jockeying a try on a professional level for about a year or two. If I like it, I’ll stick to it & if I don’t, I’ll get a 9-5 with my engineering degree.

• Say someone wants to get into the DJ movement, any advice?
I actually have no advice for anyone. All I have to say is be open to criticism; it’ll make you better at what you do.


DJ Tomisin x DJ Maxjam

• To wrap this up, Are there any upcoming events that you’ll be playing at?
My next event is going to be Pisces, presented to you by “The Bachelors”, it is on the 21st of March, 2014. You all should come through, I’ll be DJ’ing alongside DJ Blakito and DJ Kamsy.



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