Music | Run Wit Me by J. Hansome + Bend Low


Gearing up for what promises to be an epic summer for the Naija music scene, upcoming artist J.Hansome collaborates with acclaimed producer ODH, to deliver what is sure to be this summers party anthem, “Run with Me”.

The song is a complete change, and brings forth a completely new signature sound from the multifaceted artist. Highlighting, rhythmic melodic tones and singing versatility; it is no wonder J.Hansome has found himself “rolling with the best” and being backed by so many.

“My artwork has taken a life of its own and speaks to my drive and motivation to keep believing in what I do. Everyone just wait and see, I promise not to disappoint.” So for now, listen, enjoy and share “Run with Me”. ~ Jide Hansome

Run Wit Me

Download link

Bend Low

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Connect with Jide Hansome

 Instagram: @JideHansome

Twitter: @JideHansome

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