The Quad

The Quad | Episode 2

anigif tq

anigif tq

… AND IT CONTINUES. It’s been a hot minute. Who missed me? Don’t lie.

Back to the matter, it’s 8pm and everything’s still messed up. People FINALLY start arriving and the event is about to start. Andrea is mad because everything isn’t going as planned and trust MC not to give 2 flipping f**ks about it. The hosts arrive and let the event begin. Everything’s going well and everyone’s laughing then from nowhere we hear someone yelling. “This is embarrassing and very disorganized. I’m so embarrassed blah blah blah.” Everyone’s wondering whose yelling then someone just comes out of the room.  This Nate guy. Some girl comes out a few minutes after him and people looking are confused. Let me break it down for you. Nate is meant to be “dating” this carol girl but we all know he’s Canada’s whore. He lied to her and said he was going to be away for the weekend and came to this event with another babe. She came with her friends and looked like the joke of the century. Humiliated is the word. Anyhow back to our award show/party, it was very disorganized. People started comparing it to a talent show because random people were just coming to perform on stage. The event organizers aka MC and Andrea thought bringing food will help matters but that was because the food didn’t go round. At the end, the turnout wasn’t good compared to the hype it got. The after party flopped and it was good bye to paranoma. Special shout-out’s:

Shout out to the guy who came because a babe he met through twitter invited him. She didn’t even give him a second of her time lmao.

To the gold-digger male who left his city all the way to Toronto just to get his friend to buy him clothes for this event, sorry but I’m not sorry. Your time is coming.

Babe who went out of her way to buy a particular dress just so people could notice her, nobody gave you eye lmao.

To the rest, I’d be nice and pity y’all this time.

This was a bit of an intro for me… the main journey is about to start and shit is about to get real.

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