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The Effects of a Positive Attitude by Jeri Atleson



A couple days ago, my dad had this article sent to my sisters and I, he said “Attached is an interesting article to keep you positive”  It’s a pretty motivating read and I decided to share it with you all,  When you are done reading share this to start someone’s day with some positivity 😀 Have a very blessed and productive Thursday people 🙂


The effects of a positive attitude start today
Jeri Atleson

 Each of us has the power to choose which path to follow as we go through life. There are always forks in the road that try to derail us and take us on paths that lead to nowhere. What are the effects of a positive attitude on which path to choose?
We decide everyday which path to take – the path that will lead us to the things we want and desire or the path that takes us to the valley of negativism. Challenges and obstacles occur everyday, it is how we choose to look at them and what we learn from them that determine where the path takes us. Wouldn’t you want the effects of a positive attitude to bring you health, happiness, fulfillment and abundance?
A positive mindset helps us navigate the negative thoughts, circumstances and negative people that cross our paths on a daily basis. We have the power to greet the world with enthusiastic energy or feelings of dread or defeat. A positive mindset helps you to enjoy life and every possibility, negativity affords us an excuse for failure, reasons why we fail to achieve. The effects of a positive attitude are prevalent throughout our daily lives.
Choice is the difference between operating your life through passion with a positive mindset or living with a negative demeanor. A person with a positive mindset feels that they have control of their future success. Negative thinking people feel that other people are in control of their future. Choosing to be grateful for the challenges that come your way is a great way to approach those obstacles. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” rather than always focusing on the challenge itself. When you focus on something, good or bad, you get more of it.
Let me explain the effects of a positive attitude through an example. Have you ever been around someone that good things just seem to happen to? How many time have you thought to yourself that they are just “lucky” and the good luck seems to follow them. Do you know someone like this?
Now think about someone that always seems to have bad luck and bad things just “tend” to happen to them. For example, they turn 16 years old and they get in a car accident the day they get their driver’s license. Or they are walking on the street and a car passes by them and splashes them with a muddy puddle, staining their clothing. Or a bird flies overhead and….well, you get the picture.
Do you ever wonder why some people just seem to have good things happen to them and some people seem to have bad things happen? Don’t attribute it to luck, there really is no such thing. The effects of a positive attitude can be seen through these examples. The person who has good things happen to them focuses on good things happening to them, resulting in more good things. The person that has bad things happen to them is always thinking about the next bad thing. So it shouldn’t be a surprise when those bad things continue to happen. How can you foster the effects of a positive attitude?
The effects of a positive attitude start today. Plant the seed every day and see what comes of it by taking action on the following:
Where ever you are look for positive people to mingle with or befriend – surround yourself with other positive thinkers
Read motivational/inspirational material that generate positive emotions for you
Make a conscious effort to focus and reflect upon the positive value you learned that day
Interact with others in a positive manner
Make a list of goals and objectives
You are as you think
You will soon see that the effects of a positive attitude reap more benefits than could ever be imagined. We start out as children with no fears, and without accepting no as the answer to anything. We never gave up to learn how to roll over, sit up or walk. Babies just keep trying until they can do it because they see us doing it, they know they can achieve it. Somewhere along the way we are conditioned to not have the same belief in ourselves, and we lose focus of what potential we each hold. The effects of a positive attitude are boundless and without limits.
Jeri Atleson has been a successful internet entrepreneur for 3 years. She has a passion for learning and mentoring others to achieve their financial goals. To learn more about Jeri and how she may be able to help you achieve your financial success online with a free coaching session, visit her website at


2 comments on “The Effects of a Positive Attitude by Jeri Atleson

  1. Definitely. Mental attitude is what makes you a winner, it leads us to our successes and helps us turn our mistakes around. Thank you for sharing I will be sure to share onwards.


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