*Kaleidoscope Spotlight* Emperor Nzekwe: Founder of Vent App



Have you Vented today? Meet Emperor Nzekwe, founder of Vent App


* Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Emperor Nzekwe, I’m a 2nd year student at The University Of Toronto Mississauga. I’m currently in the Digital Enterprise Management.20 years old, Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I came to Canada in 2011 and that’s where I discovered my love for technology.

* Now what is Vent?

Vent is a social network that is designed to give the user a space where he or she can share their thoughts and feelings free of judgement and intimidation. We have been able to build up a great community that encourages openness and also relief and comfort for those in need of it.

* What Inspired Vent ? How did it come about? Who and who are responsible for it’s success?

The idea for vent came about while at a difficult phase in my life actually, I found myself wanting to let my feelings out but also was afraid of the repercussions of having my friends and family scrutinize and criticize these feelings maybe for lack of understanding so I sought out to create a place where anybody could seek help without fear of being judged. With this Idea in mind I put an ad up on kijiji looking for a developer who would help out with this project as I had no technical experience whatsoever. I got a reply from Junal Rahman Founder and CEO of devdec (A web development company in Toronto and from day one I knew he was the right one to carry on this project with. Till today he is the lead developer on the project and we are working very hard to bring users the very best Venting experience.

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* How did the Beta testing phase go?? What made you think it was ready for release?

The Beta testing phase wasn’t all smooth. As a first time Founder I found myself being scared to show others the prototype but after a few talks with Junal, those fears were eased and I got a few friends and family and rolled out the first prototype to them. The feedback was mixed but extremely helpful as we were able to catch a few flaws and bugs which went undetected by my own excited eyes. We went back to the drawing board after that and on the 11th of April 2014 after 3 test versions we decided to release the Vent on the App store. We thought it was ready because at this point we had put in a full 4 months of work and the product was looking fully functional. Although after the launch we discovered a whole new set of issues within the app and we just took it in our stride and gradually fixed the issues with steady updates to the app.

* Prior to its release, what were your anticipated expectations of the outcome?

I really didn’t know what to expect as this was my first venture into something like this. But deep down there was always the fear that it might not be fully accepted but It was an awesome launch in the end with about 200 downloads on the first day.

* How did you go about spreading the word about the app?

We first of all created a facebook page for the app  also we created a webpage via launchrock which we kept up even after the release of the app for nostalgic purposes lol ( ) Also we did a lot of “Twitter marketing” and that’s all…so far.

* How will you say download rates are going ? Are people happy with the app or are there any complaints?

Download rates have been good so far with new users everyday since the release of the app. We did see a major surge in downloads after the latest update in which we fixed some major bugs. So far the feedback has been massively positive. People seem to really enjoy the fact that they have the choice of anonymity.

* What do you see in the future of Vent?? Any major upgrading?

Vent’s future is very exciting because there are so many things we can do with an app like this. Currently we are looking into a new feature which would allow users to Vent into categories and also Vent about their favourite or most hated companies and services while giving these companies the choice to view this data and make changes to their services based on the feedback from our users. That’s just one of the many things we are planning to give our users for the perfect experience on our app.

* Do you have any future plans of your own? If so please can you share?

I plan to finish school and learn to programme for myself so that I can continue to explore more ways we could solve everyday problems using technology.

* To wrap this up, do you have any advice for people who are doing projects of their own?

My advice to anyone starting projects is this; The idea is on;y 10% of your startup the remaining 90 comes with the execution. Also I want to tell them not to be afraid of going after what they want in the end they would look back and be happy they chased their dreams.

There you have it guys! Emperor Nzekwe on Vent! Get Vent now

Vent for Apple

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