#Spotlight Exclusive Interview with Ifunanya P. on Photography, L’amour and more

Get to know Ify Paulinus of Ify Photography! Read more.

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*  Please tell me about Ify?

My name is Ifunanya Paulinus. Currently a 2nd year student at the University of Toronto, Mississauga. Double major in [Communications, culture, information & technology] and Sociology. From Lagos, Nigeria. Came to Canada in 2011 and I’ve always had a passion for art, digital media and technology.

* What inspired you to take up photography?

I started my photography summer of 2013. Taking pictures is something I’ve always loved to do but before the summer I really didn’t know what direction to take my photography. I realized that everyone or at least most people were involved in something and I needed to create a name for myself. The Erindale Campus African Students Association (ECASA) really helped me with this. Also, my friends were a really great support group. So finally I started and it’s honestly been one of my greatest decisions.

*Do you have any mixed emotions about photography or it’s been a dream come true?

 No I don’t have mixed feelings regarding it. Before the summer of 2013 it was honestly not what I would have thought I’ll be doing. But since I decided to take it seriously, its been my passion. I’ve fallen in love with everything i could do with photography and I keep on working on my skills to make it better with each picture I take.

*So, which of your cameras do you like the most? why?

Well I have 3 cameras I use for different occasions but I use my Canon 5d mark 3. It’s my go to camera for major projects and events because of its amazing picture quality.

*How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

I haven’t had formal education on photography yet, but to educate myself i spend hours on youtube watching tutorials or reading articles and photography threads to learn new things.  
*What projects have you taken up so far?

I’ve covered a few events such as Cold Sweat, Control e.t.c. So far my projects include, Mchezo short film by Sync Afrique promotional pictures, my new year’s promotional shoot, BOS Norma Jeane poster, Renaissance shoot and finally L’amour.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*Can you tell me about L’amour? (What’s the story behind it ? How did you go about shooting it ? how did you pick the models and place for the shoot)

L’amour is a French word for love, it is my spring photo series project. The concept for L’amour literally came up to me at night, i had finished talking to a few friends about having a spring project, but then I had no concept in mind or everything i thought of was pretty basic. I went back home that night and the idea just came to me. L’amour is a 10 photo series. It is a timeline showing a typical day of a couple in a long term and intimate relationship. It’s something new and different and i wanted to pick up a project with an interesting theme, where the pictures tell a story. The idea i had for it meant that it’ll be an intimate shoot, so it was an independent shoot where it was just the models and i. It was short timing so when picking the models it had to be someone in Mississauga and that i was familiar with and who knew each other to avoid any awkwardness during the shoot. I got in contact with Yetty and Teddylongs and they were both really excited for the project. I used my home for the location because it already had the sets for the specific scenes I had in mind. 

*Do you have any future plans for Ify Photography ? If so, please share

I’m really excited for the future of Ify Photography. After completing the L’amour photo series, ideas for new conceptual projects are in the works. I plan on working with other photographers and I’ll be branching out into proper videography, releasing short films and so on.

* To wrap this up, share a favourite quote of yours.

I’ve never been a fan of quotes, but this particular one stands out. “The camera doesn’t make the photographer.” With the success of Ify Photography, I’ve had people contact me telling me how they love my work and so on and it’s not because of the camera I use but because I’m constantly criticizing myself and my work. Working on my skills and style to become a better photographer and to continuously have people get excited about my work.

There you have it guys! 🙂 Connect with Ifunaya

3 comments on “#Spotlight Exclusive Interview with Ifunanya P. on Photography, L’amour and more

  1. Cannime

    Very Lovely Picture! Ify is very pretty too. I love the concept of the spring photoshoot (l’amour). Lovely interview as well.


    • Thank you Flo for the compliment! I love this photo set as well! Ify did a great Job capturing the emotion Love!!! 🙂


  2. Wow! I love the execution of the concept. Obviously, it’s easy for someone to pick up love as a concept but to limit oneself to a 10-photo series and execute it to perfection while telling a story is just pure talent. Keep pushing yourself, Ify. This is just the lovely beginning. 🙂


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