Half A Dream Documentary by DR3am

anigif mmm

anigif mmm

I started working on this Ep since 2012 but I did not really put much effort that year. The idea was to talk about me, where I’m coming from, and what I am hoping to achieve. As you know I’m Nigerian and you might wonder how the hell is a nigerian doing hip-hop? Well the answer is that I’m in love with it. I rap every time, everyday (when Im going to school, coming back, shower, chilling) etc. so its part of me now and I’m willing to share that part of me to the world. “Half A Dream” the title of my Ep/mixtape means something little, an incomplete package or an unsure expectation and why I chose to call my EP that it’s the bitter truth about my situation (rap wise). I feel am not respected as I should be, people underrated my songs, my lines, and I have to work with all that (cause I believe i’ll make it). Well I call all those minor setbacks for a major comeback also I talked about the kind of person I was before I started rapping, how I got treated back in school (junior/mid school) basically I talked about myself on the EP then I had some few experiences here in Canada which I talked about too.” – Dr3am

EP drops on the 7th of June 2014, Get Ready!

In the mean time, connect with Dr3am

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