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Severe Nature X ShotByShakes | The99Project

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#99Project featuring Soji Oyinsan II (Shakes)

Soji Oyinsan II (Shakes) is a Toronto based Nigerian-Canadian Filmmaker.

Within a short period as a self-taught filmmaker and editor, He has gained vast experience shooting across Canada and Nigeria and continues to build a strong repertoire of work. Showcasing a versatile creative style, he has worked on a wide range from short films to documentaries, commercials and music videos. Some of his works have been broadcasted/distributed on networks like MTVBaseafrica, ChannelOtv and Okayplayer.In 2013, He was a 2nd place winner in the Afrinolly Short Film contest. Since then, his film has played at the prestigious irep film festival. Shakes enjoys the cross between his Creative aspects and Entrepreneurship. He currently works as Creative Director with various start up brands and is a member of The Prollaborators collective.

Connect with Shakes

Instagram: @shotbyshakes

Twitter : @shotbyshakes, @OShakes_ung

Email: shotbyshakes@gmail.com

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