The Quad

The Quad Introduces Anonymous Gossip



Hey Guys!! I’m sure everyone remembers The Quad, we had a John doe filling us in on the latest gossip using faux identities. Now we are making it for everyone. You now have the chance to send in your stories, messages for your secret admires ;), etc etc, anything spicy anonymously and yes we do mean it when we say ANONYMOUSLY. Here’s a quick video to show how to go about it. Please watch in HD . Thanks


Here are the Instructions

* Visit

*  In the “Name” dialog box type  The Quad

* Then in the “Email” dialog box type

* Skip the “Website” dialog box

* Finally in the “Message” box, Start by typing in your region in brackets first, so us the readers can know where and then go on by typing in your story. then click Submit. 

The email is just so the message cannot be traced or linked back to you, so a general email is used! So go on and send us that story today!! 😉

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