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#AfricanFashion Mr. Tailor by Nana Bediako | Pictures & Exclusive Interview | Shot by Jennifer Conley



Nana Bediako is a Canada based African Fashion designer whose  designs combines Western and African cuts by melding European business attire and African power dressing. He recently did this shoot titled Mr. Tailor and today in this interview, he talks about Mr. Tailor. The photographer for this shoot is Jennifer Conley. Enjoy! 🙂


tribal couple

* Tell me about “Mr Tailor”

I’m always in a suit. When I’m working at the studio I’m in a suit, even when I painting I wear a blazer. I believe a suit keeps you structured and helps one act like a proper gentleman. People ask me why I always look sharp and it all boils down to me being a tailor.The name of my recent shoot, “Mr. Tailor”, I believe depicts my love for the constriction of garments rather than just the designing of collections. 


* Does this spread feature any new designs?

This shoot incorporates new pieces in additions to some pieces from my Shaka Zulu collection.

tribal 3

* Do you have any new plans for Nana Bediako (The Fashion Line}.

Alongside working on my collection for fall 2015 and preparing for my masters in Fine Arts, I have been building costumes for Dramatic Plays. I recently designed the costumes for the Syncafrique experience and the 2014 Afrique Couleur by the African student association of York University.

Ladies are you ready? Collection coming soon

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 I believe a lot of women were interested in my first collection, and therefore for my second collection I have decide to dedicate my new collection to them. The collection is called MESFN and it is inspired by the early Moors of Africa and ancient Persia. I cannot wait to finish this collection and I am planning to get in to New York Fashion Week and other big fashion shows.

tailor 4

* What has Nana Bediako (Mr Tailor) been up too?

I am currently working with a few Toronto Men’s wear shops to create short tutorials under Mr. Tailor that will educate young men about suits. The tutorials would show how they can carry themselves in a suit, tips on modern sartorial dressing, and also how they can take proper care of their clothing.


* To wrap up this brief interview, Will you be showcasing your designs at African Fashion Week Toronto this year?

Unfortunately I won’t be participating in the Toronto Fashion Week show this year, however I have been nominated for the emerging designers award so I will be attending.

Connect with Nana Bediako

His Twitter : @iamnanabediako

His Instagram :

His Face book Page : Nana Bediako

His Lookbook

His Portfolio 

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