#Music House Artist Grant’s MANNYWELLZ drops EP titled WE||Z

Album Cover - Wellz

Album Cover - Wellz

Mannywellza  19 year-old Nigerian artist and House Artist Grant Winner, combines soulful lyrics, mature vocals and dynamic production to create a sound compared to legend, Bob Marley. Manny spent a week with the entire House Studio team, including producers Reggie Volume, David Knocks, and Thee Jake Vicious. WE||Z is now available for download on iTunes and Google Play as well as streaming on Spotify and Beats Music.  

Listen to it below

1. Survivalism

2. Dreams

3. Silvia

4. Reality

5. Be Myself



The House Artist Grant Program provides a free House Studio Recording, Visual, and Marketing Project to selected artists. Artists will have access to workshops including Financial Management, Publishing & Trademarking, Time Management, Booking Shows, and putting together a strong team.. The Grant Program doubles as hands on training for youth in our House Academy program. The youth are provided by partnering Non-Profits in the Washington, D.C. Area and receive all technical training at no costs to the Youth. This program gives the House team an opportunity to help create stars on both sides of the creative process.

Visit  to know more.

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