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#AfricanFashion Pastel Elegance | L’AVIYE Summer/Fall ’14 Collection



L’AVIYE™ is an online retailer of premium handmade African-inspired jewellery & accessories. Each piece handcrafted to perfection, reflecting an unrivalled combination of trend and style. Their unique designs are handmade in the UK using carefully selected African print fabrics and finished with meticulous attention to detail. L’aviye creates bespoke jewellery & accessories that embrace vibrant colour and rich vivid tones. Until 2013, they were previously known as Accessories by Abiye.
After successful features in ELLE UK, L’AVIYE has just released their new Summer/Fall ’14 collection – an exclusive range of unique jewellery – rich in colour and exquisite in design to add a vibrant and distinctive finish to any ensemble.
Abiye-Yvonne Dede, the founder & creative designer says, ‘‘L’AVIYE is a line I’m really proud of. With L’AVIYE, I wanted to push the boundaries of West African-inspired jewellery & accessories to a higher standard of quality. Coming from a West African background, I’ve always been fascinated by the vast African culture and it is my dream to share my passion for the African print fabric with everyone who wears any piece from L’AVIYE’’.

What is the name of the new collection? What does this new collection entail? What inspired the pieces in this new collection?

L’AVIYE’s new Summer/Fall ’14 collection is called ‘Pastel Elegance’. It consists of handmade jewellery and accessory pieces inspired by pastel colour tones. My aim with this collection was to fuse African print fabrics centred around soft, feminine pastel hues with unique Western-inspired jewellery and accessories, to create the African-meets-Western look. Pastel colours are very on trend in 2014, featuring all over the high street and on runways, but are not very common with African prints; and I wanted to create a collection of items that although were inspired by Africa, also paid homage to the soft, soothing and near neutral tones of pastels. L’AVIYE’s jewellery collection features cute corals, baby blues, delicate oranges, pretty pinks, soft greens and airy lilacs.

When and where can the new collection be purchased?

Our jewellery & accessories are available to purchase at: or email us at: if you have any enquiries.

Follow us on our social media pages for more information on giveaways, flash sales & other new, exciting updates:

We’re offering 10% OFF any item on our website using the code: TREAT10.

Laviye 1

Adrianna collection featuring bangles, diamanté drop earrings & hoop earrings.

Laviye 2

Georgia collection featuring bangles, open toe pumps and cuff bracelets.

Laviye 3

Indiana collection featuring clutch purses, triangle necklace and rings.

Laviye 4

Olivia collection featuring rhinestone bangle, triangle necklace and bangles.

Laviye 5

Tamara collection clutch purses, triangle earrings and open toe shoes.

Laviye 6

Zahara collection featuring open toe shoes, enamel bracelets and diamanté drop earrings


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