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#OOTD | Le Blanc et Noir Série


(White Crop ~ Forever 21, Leather Skirt ~ Urban Planet, Sandals ~ Anne Michelle)

Hey guys!! I know my love for black and white isn’t news🙂 For this outfit, I decided to actually make use my tripod! I always have people take my pictures but I said to myself that eventually there will come a time where I will have to be the one to take the pictures. So I man’d up, took my tripod and camera and when with me myself and . It took a 5 minute walk to find a spot, then a couple to set up and like 10  for pictures and videos because I kept walking back to the camera to set the timer.🙂 I’m actually happy with how they turned out and dare I say I’m proud of myself🙂. What do you guys think?




Clutch and Earring Set by The African Fascinator





Please watch in HD

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