Moda Giovani Clothing’s Online Debut | Exclusive Interview with Teye Adekeye

moda giovaniTell me about “Moda Giovani”

The word moda means fashion in Italian , Giovani means young.The brand was given birth to by a young British & African go getter , Leye Olanipekun who seized the opportunity of having a very ambitious and intelligent sister, Yoyin Olanipekun by turning her into his muse. He stumbled on an idea for a brand. A brand that signified rebellion from the norm. rebellion from the Status quo. Breaking all stereotypical rules. Looking At the logo, You see lions. Being the king of the jungle, we had several options for names but It took a while before our image combined with the name of the brand. Looking at the logo you see three lion heads one at each side and the big one being in the middle. What each lion is doing is protecting the crown at the top. The brand is co owned by Teye Adekeye, Anthony Ofili and Leye Olanipekun

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What does the line stock? What does this collection entail?

Our Main focus right now would be Hats and Tops. We are a brand that pays exceptional attention to detail and Quality. We strive to ensure each item meets our full expectations which by far surpasses those of our customers. We combine, royalty, comfort and finesse into our products which makes them stand out. The idea of royalty brought forth our first official collection “Kings Only” which deals with caps that are regarded as crowns, not just because they are categorized as head wear but because of the quality. The quality surpasses that of most hats in the world today. The idea being that our products aren’t the type you see in an average store. We strive to provide uniqueness in style for our young and fashionable customers who are Kings & Queens and deserve to be treated as such.

 When and where can this collection be purchased?

Our website would be launched very soon. Customers can shop online through the website. Later down the line, Certain stores would carry our products and we would definitely communicate that to our fellow kings & queens out there.

To wrap up this brief interview; I know it’s too soon to ask but any future plans for  “Moda Giovani” ? Any collaborations etc

 Huge plans . We intend to go very far.

Well there you have it guys! “Moda  Giovani” by Teye Adekeye. 

Twitter: @modagiovani_

Instagram: @modagiovaniclothing

Tumblr: ModaGiovaniClothing

Website :

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