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#Music ILLAH Chapter 1 | Demo + Spotlight Interview with PAblo

unnamed (2)

unnamed (2)

* Tell me about ILLAH Chapter 1 
Illah is a project we have put together. Illah is basically a compilation of real life happenings been told in a musical perspective. Illah is a product of creative minds.

* Who and who are part of this great project?

Everybody around me were part of this project either directly or indirectly. I come up with song ideas off random words used by anybody at that moment in time.

* Why choose September 24th for the release date?

September 24th is the date we find most conducive. Nothing too special .

* Talk about songs in Demo

Africa:is a track I did while working on Grant Chris “Reborn” project, I made the beat for him with the purpose of trying a different styles with his sound and luckily for me he didn’t use it. I thought the beat was beyond NASTY!!! so I laid my verses on it .

-I did Time while working on the project earlier stated , came up with the concept with my team decided to future Grant Chris on it because it fits his sound.

Run was the song that kicked off the whole illah project, had a different concept of the song when I made the instrumental but switch everything up when I heard Ehiz mumble some sounds, it sounded good so we went with it.

*What should we the masses expect for ILLAH Chapter 1?

A sincere effort.

* I know it’s too early to ask but to wrap this brief interview up, Is there going to be an ILLAH Chapter 2? And if yes, a sneak peek of what we should expect..

There would be a chapter two but later on. I gotta make another illah project for a reason. We have a follow up for the illah X and Y series, hopefully there would be another release before the year runs out.

 There you have it! Stay tuned! ILLAH Chapter 1 drops on Wednesday the 24th

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