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#Fashion Babes & Gents X Lucas Stolz | PARIS Capsule Collection



Babes & Gents X Lucas Stolz bring you what they believe to be one of the greatest graphic designs in the history of Hip-Hop clothing. About a year ago, Babes & Gents founder, Amir Zargari, set out to combine his passion for design with his appreciation for Kanye West. He wanted to create a design that incorporates both Kanye’s creativity and the power that comes through his most famous collaboration with Jay-Z. With Lucas’s help and countless hours of brainstorming and revision, they were able to create a perfect blend that is illustrated today.
Kanye says he believes that great art is polarizing – it forces you to have an opinion. As this carefully mastered project introduces us to their plan to continue to feature stand-out artists, Amir has chosen to apply Kanye’s words to his look-book, capturing a man experiencing a common series of emotions: Lust, Love and Comfort.
Kanye-Paris_Capsule_Collection1_1024x1024 6_b34635be-75cc-46d9-92e4-7f62890844a9_grande
To see more from the lookbook, go here 
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