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its my birthday

its my birthday jj

Hey guys! It’s my  birthday today and I couldn’t be more thankful.  I’m alive to see this day and even better, I have a great family that support me. I’m thankful for family, the gift of life and loved ones. My post today features a few of my favorite items of clothing;  Ankara(African Print), High waist denim and Black.


Outfit one: Ankara

Ankara two piece from my closet.


Outfit two: Ankara + Black

Peplum Ankara Belt by D I L L I C H E and Bodycon black dress from Urban Planet


Outfit three: Ankara + High Waist Denim

Ankara Crop from my closet + High waist denim from Gojane

Which ones are your fav?

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19 comments on “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  1. the black peplum! I’m obsessed:) ❤


  2. High waisted!!! Looking fab xxx


  3. The first outfit 😍 you look beautiful


  4. Black 🙂


  5. Looking fav, Yvonne!!! Happy birthday!!!


  6. My fav one is the black one, it hugs your curves nicely and the ankara belt looks really good with it! 🙂


  7. honey that body,….werk!


  8. You are such a beautiful lady and I like the layout of your site. It is interesting.


  9. Happy Birthday! Nice outfits. My favorite is the black dress. It looks very nice on you.
    And I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog too, I’m glad you liked it. 🙂


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