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#Spotlight Exclusive Interview with Bantu Collective



Hey Guys!! A while back I worked with Nelson of KAOXX Visuals on My Red Carpet Coverage of  MacAfrican’s event Afrofest 2014 and when he was editing the video, he sent me a teaser and that was where I heard Tay’s song “Spiritual”. I loved it so I asked who sang it and he sent me a link to Tay’s Mixtape on Soundcloud. I saw more mixtapes by different people that were equally great so I went on their facebook and requested for a spotlight interview on them and they were glad to do so! Here it is! Enjoy!


• What is Bantu Collective ? (How did it come about, when did it start, Where’s the Bantu’s C.’s HQ? Who’s part of This Collective? etc)

Bantu Collective is a family of independent creative professionals (painters, musicians, writers, photographers…). We put the team together in December 2013. We had a vision for how we wanted the art & entertainment we were consuming to be and we felt like nothing currently out at the time fit our tastes, so we decided to do it ourselves. Bantu collective doesn’t have a HQ and the members are scattered around the world. There’s Idara (Writer) who schools in America along with Abraham (Painter) & Charles Mike (Visual Artist/Singer). Temi (Painter) is currently schooling in Ireland, Isioma (Actor/Model) is based in Lagos, Terna (Visual Artist/Photographer), Suté (Rapper/Writer/Producer), Tay (Singer/Producer/Wanna-be rapper lmao); we’re currently in Abuja.

• I listened to Tay’s mixtape Passport and loved it all!! What’s the story behind this mixtape? Who and who were the great minds behind it?

Tay: Ah passport, I had a lot of help, mostly in the lyrics from Terna, Sute, Idara (The babe on the outro, excellent poet), Uche Dim (excellent lyricist we wrote spiritual together) and Rebecca Wada (she wrote my part in ‘Gabriel’) she is brilliant! I also had people in the studio help me select songs and motivate, Martin Agbaso was one of them. I handled all the production in Passport.

• I heard a couple of songs from Passport, the mixtape on the new season of one of Ndani Tv’s webseries “Gidi Up” How did that happen? I thought that was pretty big 🙂

Tay: Lol well I found out the day the series came out, a friend called me and was like ‘bro your song is on gidi up’ at the time I didn’t know what gidi up was at the time, I youtubed it and saw the episode, I thought it was only one episode, then I saw another with my song, I was shocked to be honest, I did not expect it at all.


• Now tell me about Sute’s Creative Series The Anecdote? The minds behind it as well as the story behind it too ?

Tay: Sute is literally a Genius, he knows everything lol, and those songs were really just creative sessions we had, songs that were recorded but not released, we compiled them into three mixtapes and put it out. They were the prologue to Jelí, the mixtape.

Sute: Anecdotes was coming at a time where I hadn’t released any music for a while, so I wanted the audience to get familiar with the sound and notice the growth musically. It was fun more than anything tbh, no pressure or expectations lol.

• Have any artists from The Bantu Collective done collabos with other artists outside the collective? If so what songs and with who?

Tay: I’ve done a couple of features as well as Sute, Sute is currently working on a remix of Badagry with Mojeed. I worked with leriq, i’m still hustling to get on M.I‘s album lol, some songs with Ozzy B and Bridge(LOS)…work is being put in!

Sute: There are loads of young Nigerians making exciting music right now and we’re trying to tap into the vibe. Did a song with the talented Lady Donli a while back that Tay produced and the Badagry Remix should be dope for African Hip-Hop when it’s out.

• What’s in store for Bantu Collective? Any future plans?

Tay: Of course! Temi just had a group exhibition in Lagos at the end of September. We’re gearing up for Terna’s Bantu Photography Studio/Gallery opening (Bantu Studio), Idara is current working on a compilation of short stories and poems while prepping for her writers anonymous program. The main project we’re putting all our energy into is the Bantu Festival, which should happen this December and become a yearly thing. More info soon though.

Sute: The festival should last for about 3-4 days and will be the complete Bantu experience from the art to the music. We’re excited about it because festival experiences are few and far between in Nigeria.

• To wrap this up, how does someone join The Bantu Collective? And how does one get to do collabos with artists in The Collective?

Sute: We’re all artists in the collective so we look for powerful art in anyone thinking of joining the collective but generally we approach people we would want to join.

For collaborations and all just light up our email and if we love the work we’ll definitely mess with it.

Mail –
Visit the website –


Idara’s work: (the Bantu Anthem Poem)

Temi’s work:

Abraham’s work:

Charles work:

Terna’s work:

Passport Art Extension:

5 comments on “#Spotlight Exclusive Interview with Bantu Collective

  1. OMGGGG YB I am going to fine you for not sharing these things on ig properly. You for give us a lil sound intro. This is AMAZING!!!! For real! Like 3 seconds into the first song, I loved it.
    What’s even more perfect is that I’m seeing this on a Friday night, so I’m leaving this tab open…song to song…to serenade me.
    btw, I love how we totally do this on each other’s blog -> talk as if it’s a chat. 😀

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    • Emem!! lool! I was thinking of giving a sound intro but I was busy at the time, For future music related posts I will do so! I love it too, Memkoh is a sister site to The Kaleidoscope so we talk as if it’s chat! like let me see what my sis memkoh is up too 🙂

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