#Spotlight Lavina Skin Care by Victor Udeh-Martin + Beauty oils GIVEAWAY!

The Founders, Younes Terrab and Victor Udeh-Martin


*Tell me a little bit about yourself.
My name is Victor Udeh-Martin, Jr. In 2009, I migrated to Canada from Nigeria as an international student. Graduated with B.A Honors in Economics and minor in Japanese in 2013.

* Tell me about Lavina Skin Care.
Lavina is the place where exotic beauty oils call home. My business partners and I aim to use Lavina as a medium to raise the awareness that all we need to thrive as humans is already provided to us by nature.

* Tell me how it came about, what inspired it and who and who are part?
From my late teens to just about last year, 2013, I have struggled with acne. Mine came in bunches and in different sizes. My self-esteem was gradually derailing and I tried literally everything out there to help lessen my acne, but nothing worked.

The Founders, Younes Terrab and Victor Udeh-Martin

Younes Terrab (Left) and Victor Udeh-Martin (Right)

Younes Terrab, my final project partner at Carleton University, has always been a firm believer in natural ingredients, so he got me to try Barbary Fig Seed Oil, which he brought from his hometown, Tangier Morocco. Days after trying this oil, I became amazed at how my acne reduced. It worked like magic (no jokes). What surprised me the most was that it was just one simple natural ingredients, compared to all the nighttime kit and endless acne solution I spent my money on that never workedThis experience drew me into the world of oils and the energy that was born from this new discovery of mine led Younes and I to establish a source where exotic skin, hair and facial oils call home.

* Tell me about the different products and what they do?

Barbary Fig Seed Oil
Barbary Fig Seed Oil is my favorite oil. It is chock full of this essential fatty acid called Linoleic Acid. Apparently, acne patients are know to be deficient in Linoleic Acid in their skin surface area, which leads to frequent breakouts. This explains why Barbary Fig Seed Oil is magical.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil is another result oriented oil when used to nourish and condition the skin and hair. If you are trying to grow your natural hair out, you’ll love Lavina Argan Oil.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil is fabulous for clearing dark spots, stretch marks, scars and saggy skin because it is naturally laden with Vitamin A (Retinol).

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is a super moisturizer. For dry skin or sensitive dry skin and hair, Jojoba will bring back optimal moisture to your life.

* Success Stories?

These are screenshots of what our customers are saying about Barbary Fig Seed Oil. It speaks for itself. This oil is God sent as it truly works at lessening acne breakouts.

ScreenShot-5 ScreenShot-4 ScreenShot-3 ScreenShot-2 ScreenShot-1

* Can this product be purchased in stores or online only?
The easiest and most convenient way to purchase our oils is from our website. We are gradually and successfully getting into retail stores.

* Are there any upcoming sales? If yes when and where should we look forward to it?
From the 9th of November – 30th November, we will be hosting our first sale event, since launch. Customers can get 20% off all orders with this discount code LAVINA20. Plus we offer free shipping on all orders in the US and Canada.

* To wrap this up, where do you see Lavina Skin Care in the next year?
At this point, we are still crawling as a start-up business, but gradually learning how to stand and walk firmly. Next year, our goal is to expand our reach and brand awareness. Sourcing a lot more oils to offer to our customers is definitely a crucial part of our business as well.


GIVEAWAY TIME | Win the Lavina Skin Care Beauty Oil  of your choice!


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* Leave a comment below stating what beauty oil you want and your names on the different Social Networks for verification.

For example; I’ll love the Barbary  Fig Seed Oil. Instagram: Yvonne_Ben, Facebook: Yvonne Ben and Twitter: Yvonne_Ben

*One winner will be picked randomly  and announced in two weeks!

Giveaway is available worldwide!!!

Good luck People!! 🙂

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  1. Lovely products. Unfortunately can’t enter 😦


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    I’ll love the Rosehip oil. Instagram: Queeneth_Ben, Facebook: Queeneth Ben and Twitter: @_Q_B__


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    Barbary Fig Oil. Instagram: emediudo, Twitter: @emediudo, Facebook: Emediong Udo


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    I’d like to try the Argan Oil. Instagram: bonnie_caselman, Facebook: Bonnie Caselman and Twitter: BonnieCaselman


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  10. I would love love to win Barbary Fig Seed Oil and treat my skin. Facebook: Li Na Twitter: @linalyn5

    Thank you for the giveaway 🙂


  11. I would love to win the Barbary Fig Seed Oil so I can glow as bright as the positive energy within me. Facebook: Kimbo Ley, Instagram: kittyberley

    Thank you so much!


  12. Very Impressive!


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