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#Spotlight Zubaida Zang Speaks about The Zubaida Zang Brand!



Pictures by  Jeremy Rodney Hall

Hi, I am Zubaida Zang and I’m a 22-year-old Design student residing in Toronto, Canada. I’m passionate about my art because it’s my voice, and my unique way of expressing myself.“~ Zubaida Zang

*Tell me about Zubaida Zang “The Brand”

The Zubaida Zang brand is a lifestyle brand, offering timeless exclusive pieces with a sense of confidence infused into every design. The brand was birthed out of my story; it was created from a very personal space and so I’m using my art as a tool to empower women around the world. For me it’s more than just creating stylish clothes, I’m building a culture, a power circle that consists of  fashion lovers who so happen to also be conscious.

Pictures by  Irem Harnak

*Tell me about the Zubaida Zang Official Launch Campaign.

The Launch campaign is a pre-release I put together to kick start my launch. It’s titled “Empowering Women Through Fashion” because as I said previously Fashion is the tool I’m using to get across my message. I’m a young female chasing my dreams, and I want others to be able to look at my story and chase theirs too. If you read my campaign, you will also see that I work alongside other women i.e. the factory owner that mentors me, the factory workers, and where I outsource fabric. It’s really important that Women promote/support each other even in business.

Go here to read more and fund her campaign –> ZUBAIDA ZANG OFFICIAL LAUNCH

* To wrap this very brief interview up tell me; Where do you see Zubaida Zang ( The designer and the brand) in the next two years?

In the next 2 years, I hope to have laid the foundation for The Zubaida Zang brand, It is really important that I build a brand with a voice; a brand with depth, and a brand that females around the world (of all ages) can connect to.

Favorite Quote?

 “ When I was young, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be: an independent woman, a woman who could pay her bills, and I became that through Fashion.” And it’s by a woman I love and aspire to be like, Diane Von Furstenberg.

There you have it!! Zubaida Zang Speaks! Please click on the link above to know more about her campaign and to also support it!

Have a blessed Day!


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