#Spotlight Music by Toronto based R&B Artiste L O T I



* Tell me about yourself. 
I go by the name LOTI and I’m a R&B recording artiste/singer & songwriter based out of Toronto, ON. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. 
* How and what made you go into music? Tell me about your music journey. 
Growing up as a kid I always knew I wanted a career in music. My dad was very passionate about music, he would always bring home records, Cd’s and we would always make us listen to them together. I think that’s what got me really interested in music and entertainment business in the first place. At around age 6 I discovered I had a voice and I could sing, I started mimicking my favourite artists for fun and just basically doing anything to keep myself around the music. Fast forward to 2011, after I moved to Canada, I got an opportunity for an album feature with an Ottawa rapper at that time. We made a song called “ Paradise”, I wrote and sang the hook. The album got released, I got word that the song was the people’s favourite and that made me feel really good about myself. It was then I decided that I was going to take music seriously and fully pursue my career as an artist.  
* Who and who will you say has been around from time and watched you and your music grow into what is is today? Any new addition to the list?
First and foremost my very close friend and producer PCB. He always believed in me, he mentored me and taught me most of what I know in music today. He also produced 2 songs on my debut EP as well as other previously released singles. Salaam Status was also another friend and producer that also mentored me and I give a lot of credit to him for always challenging me to do better. Overall my team has grown since then with many additions and I give credit to each and every one of them for being the best at what they do and supporting me all the way. 
* When you’re about to make music, who and who do you bring together? Who are the great minds behind the production of your music?
First of all myself, because I write and perform my songs. Usually when I’m creating in the studio I’m with the producer/beatmaker I’m working with at that time as well as my engineer Yuri Koller. He records, mixes & masters all of my music and he makes sure my music has that good quality.
* Tell me more about the single “Louder (Ft. Jay Glavany)”, what inspired it? Why did you decided to feature Jay Glavany?
Jay Glavany produced the instrumental and he brought it to me when I was in the studio. I liked it and we immediately vibed off it, we went back and forth on some ideas and how to get a feeling across through the record. I was inspired by a past relationship and reminiscing some of our intimate moments, so it truly came from a special place. 
* Tell me about your music and your brand, what’s it called? who and who is part of it? What type of music are you into? How did you get the name L O T I?
I think an artist’s brand is an extension of himself. So my music is a direct reflection of my character, personality and who I am. My brand carries values of creativity, passion, emotion and real life experience. My full name is Lotanna, but growing up everyone just called me LOTI for short. I felt that was a more appropriate stage name and it would be more appealing for my career. My music influences have a wide range, I like soul music, house music, and recently a new genre that has caught my ear is electronic soul. 
* You’ve had a couple of radio interviews recently? Tell me about both interviews, what you talked about and attach links to them.
I was recently on G98.7FM in Toronto where I premiered the new single “Louder”. It was very overwhelming to have my music aired on commercial radio for the first time in Toronto. Prior to that I was interviewed on JamminWitJay Show on The Hawk 101.5 FM in Hamilton. We talked about my debut EP and shared stories about my humble beginnings.  ( )
* Are you dropping any more projects soon? If yes, when?
I’m currently working on my second EP which I plan to release in the second quarter of 2015. The feedback that I’ve gotten from my first EP will help shape the direction for this next project. I am always working towards progression, and I just want my supporters to recognize the growth with this upcoming project. 
* To wrap this up, What are future plans for your music career? 
I’m not looking for material gain or incredible accolades, I’m just looking for inner growth and a means to better myself as an artist and to also have my music make a bigger impact on the world.
Connect with LOTI
Twitter/Instagram: @LT_Versatile / @LT_Versatile
For booking/inquires:

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