#Fashion Babes & Gents drop New Lookbook | STEFANO LASNE X ALEX LAUZON X BABES & GENTS


Model: Stefano Lasne | Photographer: Alex Lauzon | Assistant Photographer: Mantis Gagne | Stylist: Amir Zargari

Stefano_Lasne_X_Alex_Lauzon_X_Babes_Gents2_grande Stefano_Lasne_X_Alex_Lauzon_X_Babes_Gents3_grande Stefano_Lasne_X_Alex_Lauzon_X_Babes_Gents4_grande Stefano_Lasne_X_Alex_Lauzon_X_Babes_Gents5_grande

Featured Collections: Kanye/Paris Capsule | Love Birds | #Iambabesngents | Black Label

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