Street Style Sudbury Street Style (S.S.S)

#StreetStyle S.S.S (Sudbury Street Style); Ibra A.



School: Laurentian University

Country: Chad

Program: Geoscience

Describe your style(i.e what type of clothing are you into, and if you collect any thing, what it is and why ?, where do you get your inspiration from ): I am not into overrated clothing brands like (Balenciaga, Fendi, Valentino,LV etc.),you know, i like to keep my style as simple as it looks. S/O to my bro, you can follow him @GHOSTCAVIAR (GHOSTLABEL’s CEO). He inspired me a lot in various angles. He’s been always into the latest fashion and very creative person. I like to wear his product because you can’t find it somewhere else. Everything that he makes is limited edition and very unique. He designs his own product and get them done with real materials. Most of his clients are celebrities ( Meek Mill, Massari, Jean Pascal,etc..) I also like to wear classy and comfortable stuff like Zara, Guess, Simmons product… If I could collect something, it would be different valuable watches because time means everything to me.

What do you do for fun, any interesting thing you do on the side: Things that i do for fun will be chilling with homies, SHOPPING or travelling overseas.

Favorite Quote: “Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.”
― C.S. Lewis

What are you wearing ? : 


Macy’s casual African style short sleeves shirt | Levi’s Jeans | Zara boot


Black leather jacket with a long sleeves leather chested sweater from Ghost Label | ZARA black pique trousers | black soft ankle leather Mid-size boots

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Facebook :  Ibra Assef

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