Street Style Sudbury Street Style (S.S.S)

#StreetStyle S.S.S (Sudbury Street Style); Godwin O.




School: Laurentian University

Country: Nigeria

Program:  Law and Justice

Describe your style(i.e what type of clothing are you into, and if you collect anything, what it is and why ?, where do you get your inspiration from ):  I just love wearing long sleeve shirts and trousers, lol I’m inspired by anyone, My mum made me dress properly since I was little, so I guess I grew up with a sense of fashion. I am not inspired by anyone.

What do you do for fun, any interesting thing you do on the side: For fun I play FIFA and I play soccer too.

Favorite Quote:  “Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up.” ~ Nelson Mandela


What are you wearing ? :


Jacket – H&M | Shirt – H&M | Pants – Urban Collection | Shoes – Timberlands


Shirt – Faded Glory | Pants – Urban Collection | Shoes – Nike Air Force


please watch in HD

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