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#AfricanFashion Rọ́lákẹ́ Yonge | African Inspired Canadian-based Accessory E-tailer

kabilar earrings (3)


Rọ́lákẹ́Yonge is a Canadian-based accessory e-tailer. Its accessories are hand-made and are made from traditional African fabrics such as Ankara, Adire, Batik, Woodin etc. These accessories are inspired by the African culture and designed for everyday wear. These fashion pieces are suited to the unique customer who appreciates fashion and who is not afraid to stand out. Rọ́lákẹ́Yonge was founded in 2014 by Adedoyin Ogunjobi. Adedoyin founded Rọ́lákẹ́Yonge because she believes that difference is beautiful and we Africans should be proud of our culture.

Their main product categories are; belts, accessories – earrings, bangles, bracelets, rings and necklaces, handbags – totes, clutches & purses, notebooks


kabilar earrings (3)

Kabilar {Earrings}

Africa inspired button earrings

moyo bangles (3)

Moyo {Bangles}

11” circumference, big, round and colorful bangles

oruka rings (3)

Oruka {Rings}

African inspired stud rings, adjustable; one size

Ayaba Necklace (3)

Ayaba {Necklace}

Gorgeous statement piece; available in red and pink


zabira (1)

Zabira {Clutch}

32” Shoulder Chain (available in gold or silver), 10” wide & 7” high

Envelope Clutch (3)

Envelope {Clutch}

Elegant descending front flap, 9” wide & 6.5” high

barco (ankara) (3)

Barco {Tote}

Mid-sized tote with textile lining, 15” x 12” approx. 

See more products from their collection via their Etsy shop or website. Links below.

They also offer seasonal products such as: footwear- summer flats & sandals, cold weather accessories- gloves and scarves. Rọ́lákẹ́Yonge does not carry any other brands or labels. Each line is designed by Adedoyin and sketches are sent to the craftsmen in Nigeria. The accessories are then handmade with locally sourced materials, they also come in different prints! Visit their Etsy store.

Connect with Rọ́lákẹ́Yonge

Facebook | Etsy Shop Page | Twitter | Instagram | WordPress | Pinterest

Products are available for purchase on and their Etsy page

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