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#Fashion Zubaida Zang | WILD (GIRLS OF SUMMER) | Debut Swimwear Collection




“WILD (GIRLS OF SUMMER)” Is the debut swimwear collection from clothing designer Zubaida S. Zang. The brand is bringing it’s own perspective to beachwear. Simple shapes inspired by the spirit of the ninetiesFrom the Designer: “When creating this collection, I thought a lot about the 90s, and the carefree vibe of the time. I used that nostalgic feeling, to create a collection filled with earth tones, 90s inspired shapes (i.e high cuts, spaghetti straps, and high waist bottoms), and a lot of attitude! When people hear WILD, they instantly think “busy prints”, but it’s the complete opposite. There is a simplicity to the feel of this collection, and just like Miranda Priestly said, there’s nothing groundbreaking about prints in the spring. So although the pieces are a perfect travel companion for her, when you hear WILD, i’m referring to the girl with a strong sense of adventure, and an unquenchable desire for wanderlust. Those are the girls of summer.


On the Tagline: “Nature X Fashion face-off” Wild was inspired by me finding myself away from my motherland, and remembering my roots in Jos. Nigeria. My grandfather Dalo Da D B Zang was a man without the privilege of a formal education, but at the age of 14, he would go to the forest to hunt and take his game and sell in the markets. He became his own breadwinner at such an early age, and was also a community hero in my hometown (Berom, Jos). Girls of Summer was inspired by a song I heard at a dingy bar back when I lived in Texas, and it is by a classic American rock band called “Aerosmith” at the time I really didn’t know what I wanted to do or be, but the name really just stuck with me. And so “Wild (Girls of Summer)” is really from me finding myself, and tracing my roots, and knowing the kind of woman I want to be. I hope that me sharing my journey inspires others to do the same. The tagline is really me reminding women that they are celebrated, they should be celebrated. Women are legendary, everyone on earth is here because of a woman, Woman is part of nature, she is part of the equation. And so although I love fashion because it’s fun, nature always wins.”









Creative Director/Designer: Zubaida Zang

Photographer: Nathalia Allen, Jeremy Rodney

Styling: Zubaida Zang, Crystal Surgeon, Dafna Rubenstein, Vanessa Sanchez

Make-Up: Crystal Surgeon, Rosa Farquharson, Nashia Maxwell

Models: Crystal, Rosa, Kyla, Theo, Zubaida

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2 comments on “#Fashion Zubaida Zang | WILD (GIRLS OF SUMMER) | Debut Swimwear Collection

  1. I had to do a double take and search for Zubaida Zang because I recall reading about the brand on here not too long ago. Turns out that was in November 2014 and I am so amazed at the growth of this designer. From the simplicity of the cuts to the clarity of the pictures and of course, the very intelligent, nostalgia-inducing description, I can attest to the growth of this brand. To the lady behind Zubaida Zang, we (women) appreciate you!


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