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#OOTD Red Ripped Skinny Jeans + New #SudburyStreetStyle News


Hey guys!!!🙂 Sometimes I feel an outfit so much I decide to turn it to an ootd blog post. Here I had a meeting as well as took pictures for a Sudbury street style feature! It was sunny and warm but there was a little wind, so I wore my thrifted shimmery button up, red ripped skinnies and pointy toe suede pumps.

Great news!! I had a meeting with my Sudbury street style feature for the day Michelle Rene and we decided to add her as a Sudbury street style contributor for The Kaleidoscopian!! She told me she loves the #SudburyStreetStyle movement and she knows a lot of stylish sudburians and I said how about I make you a contributor for the Sudbury Street Style segment on my blog and she said yes! In a more exciting manner🙂 Her style feature and more on her drops tomorrow! Stay tuned!😀





P.S Michelle helped me with these pictures😉

I also have other plans in the works to expand The Kaleidoscopian and with God’s unfailing grace, they will all pull through! As time goes on, I will keep updating you all!😀❤

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