#AfricanFashion L’AVIYE CLASSIC Collection | The line’s First Clothing Range by Creative Director Abiye Yvonne


Since 2012, L’AVIYE™ has continued to set the pace in African fashion. Well-known for unique jewelry and accessory pieces that embrace the vibrant colour and rich, vivid tones of African fabrics, L’AVIYE™ presents a look into their first clothing range – L’AVIYE CLASSIC.

The Creative Director, Abiye Yvonne says ‘I loved what we achieved with jewelry & accessories and I felt it was time to introduce something new…’ L’AVIYE™ CLASSIC consists of essential pieces that can be dressed up or down to any event. Abiye says ‘one of my aims with this collection was to show the different ways you can style African prints…’

L’AVIYE™ CLASSIC is handmade by skilled artisans in the UK, and their first collection consists of African print skirts that are available to purchase on their website:

laviye 2

Priya pencil skirt

laviye 3

Aleena mini skirt

laviye 3

AVA knee length skirt

laviye 3

MIA midi skirt

laviye 3

ELLA mini skirt

laviye 3

DACIA knee length skirt:

laviye 3

Geneva pencil skirt

laviye 3

Nessa maxi skirt

laviye 3

Zoya maxi skirt

laviye 3

Thea midi skirt

When and where can the new collection be purchased?

Our clothing, jewellery & accessories are available to purchase at: Email us at: if you have any enquiries.

Follow L’AVIYE™ on their social media channels for more information on giveaways, flash sales & other new, exciting updates:

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