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#AfricanFashion Style Me Ankara | Spring/Summer 2015 Collection; Ankara and White Orchid by Priscilla Boateng



Style Me Ankara is an online boutique that was established in 2014 by Priscilla Boateng. The boutique offers trendy African inspired clothing for the ethically conscious woman who wants to make a bold fashion statement. Together with skilled Ghanaian tailors and artisans, Style Me Ankara creates playful, distinctive and cultural clothing and accessories with a Western zing. Their mission is to support African artisans by providing a platform where emerging designers can market their creative designs to the world. To be the central hub of shopping activity for trendy cultured fashion enthusiast around the globe.

Style Me Ankara recently debuted its Spring/Summer 2015 collection at their upscale Soiree launch party on Saturday May 9th. Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre’s recipient of the Ontario Starter Company Grant, Priscilla Boateng, celebrated the ‘official’ launch of her e-commerce site, “The Starter Company Program is an initiative designed to assist youth in Ontario start their business venture and for me it’s a dream that I’m grateful to have attained. The Program provided me with the necessary tools to launch a business I might not have otherwise felt I could,” explains Priscilla.


Style Me Ankara’s designs offer a spectacular expression of bold, exhilarating colours, hypnotic patterns and prints that are layered with meaning. The Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Ankara and White Orchid, was inspired by the bold and vibrant prints from Africa and the beauty of Spring.
Each garment in the Spring/Summer 2015 collection is hand-sewn with the finest craftsmanship and luxurious textiles to create playful, distinctive and cultural clothing and accessories with a western zing. will redefine traditional African clothing, layering modern and western touches to create timeless pieces and taking African clothing to a whole new level.
“I’m not one to wear traditional African clothing, so, I wanted to create a line where I could mix my favourite western fashion trends with bold African prints,” shares company Owner and Creative Director, Priscilla Boateng. currently produces both ready-to-wear and made-to-order custom African print clothing and accessories for men and women. However, the men’s collection will come out later in 2015. Stay tuned!







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