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#AfricanFashion WE ARE KINGS | An African-Inspired Men’s Luxury Brand by King B. Hector Jr



“We Are Kings” (WRK) is a mens luxury brand which came into conception because of my love for blazers and suits, and my passion to empower the world. I wanted to create a brand that will empower people and give them a positive attitude towards life. I want everyone who wears my brand to feel like a king, for i believe, we are all Kings and Queens in our own rights.

The idea behind the brand is to empower and motivate people to wrk their way to success, wrk their way to financial stability, wrk their way to freedom and finally, be confident that they can achieve their dreams and whatever you desire through a positive mindset that can derived from dressing up properly.

My vision is to make African print a causal closet choice. I want to walk on the streets in any part of the world and see people proudly wear African fabric both corporately and casually.


Photo credit: Chase Mark Jordan

Models: Emmanuel Kattiems & Bethel Francis

I grew up in Nigeria and moved to Canada for school few years back. I’m currently a 3rd year social science student at the university of Ottawa. I wanted pay tributes to my African heritage by working with African print. I am currently working on the full collection, which will be unveiled by fall.




I recently had the opportunity to present a mini spring/summer collection at the Angie’s Models and Talent showcase 2015, which was held at the Canadian War Museum. It was an amazing experience, I enjoyed being back stage styling the models and getting them ready for the runway.


Pictures by JASONCODE Photography

“We are kings and the world is our throne”- King B. Hector Jr.

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