#Spotlight Our Vision NG | A Nigerian Youth Empowerment Platform focused on encouraging all youths to inspire themselves and fulfil their dreams..

 our vision

Working towards becoming the largest youth organisation in Nigeria by 2019.

‘Our Vision NG’ is a Nigerian youth organisation that aims to serve as a platform for Nigerian youths to empower themselves within their personal interests, while understanding the importance of socio-economic and political awareness. This organisation aims to encourage all youths to inspire themselves and fulfil their dreams, by creating a charitable platform that will be based in Nigeria and abroad. Youth empowerment remains one of the most crucial aspects of society due to the fact that youths should have the democratic right to mould their futures. As young Nigerians, the founders of Our Vision NG have seen the hardship that many Nigerian youths face when it comes to securing a solid education, creating a strong grounding for their future and standing up for their human rights.


Our Vision NG consists of three teams – The Executive Committee, The Non-Executive Committee and The Research Department. The Executive Committee is made up of writers, editors, reporters, a secretary, a treasurer, a lawyer, a social media manager and a content administrator. The Non-Executive Committee consists of events planners, a graphic designer, a film producer, a website manager and a street team. The two committees are not isolated from one another and work together to strengthen Our Vision NG. The research department however differs and consists of youths who research based on sole topics such as the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria and Human Rights.


Should you be interested in playing an integral and committed role in this project, kindly email and you will be responded to within 24 hours. Our Vision NG is not only open to all youths who would like to get involved in the grassroots work of the organisation, but also youths who would like to support the organisation. You need to be less than 30 years to meet the required age for membership and as a member you are entitled to exclusive information, discounted prices on events and more. Membership is free and you can sign up on the Our Vision NG website –

Our Vision NG has launched their organisation today. Please support this organisation as they work towards becoming the largest youth organisation in Nigeria by 2019. The vision of the organisation is to create a platform for all Nigerian youths; a platform that can help the youth to reach their dreams and understand the importance that they have to play in Nigeria’s future.  As a non-partisan organisation, every youth can mould ‘Our Vision’ to suit them individually, the same way that the organisation hopes to mould Nigeria, together, to suit our futures and the futures of generations to follow.

Please visit today and play your role in youth empowerment for a better Nigeria.

Quote from Founder –

“A vision for me. A vision for you. A vision for all” – Laila Johnson

Connect with Our Vision NG

Facebook –


They go live in an hour from now! Follow the tag! #OurVisionNG

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