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#YB #Events | #TheHeARTExperienceToronto | My Highlights in Pictures and Videos


On Saturday, May 16th, I attended Shola Iyiola‘s “The HeArt Experience” at Arta Gallery in Toronto and boy was it a marvelous experience! A fusion of jazz and art exhibition like you’ve never witnessed before!



Before this experience, I had never been to a jazz show before and trust me when I say this was an awe-inspiring first impression! A number of B.C. Okah‘s paintings were showcased at the gallery.





A picture of B.C.Okah admiring his art 🙂


Breathtaking right?

Please bear in mind that video taking and editing isn’t my strong suite lol! But I think I was  able to capture the experience in a decent manner.

 The show started with an intro spoken word performance by Olo, followed by Shola Iyiola’s performance.I couldn’t stay till the end so I didn’t get to see  the live painting done by B.C.Okah. All in all Shola Iyiola did a magnificent job, his live band and back ground singers were impressive!

Here are some more pictures from the event!

DSCN4601 DSCN4596 DSCN4616

Tolu Ade

I’m in love with her skirt!! Thank you for those beautiful Ankara studs that came in the gift bag Tolu ❤


Ofure Imafidon

DSCN4627 DSCN4629 DSCN4630

Dami Ajilore of Duduorth

Don’t you just adore Dami’s Ankara clutch??


Natacha and Samantha


The end! 🙂

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