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#YB Mini Impromptu Video Interview with Chef Bab. T of African Restaurant Get Grill in Brampton, ON


A while back, when I was in Toronto for an event, a friend introduced my tastebuds to this consumable masterpiece known as Get Grill’s Suya Steak Wrap


Trust me when I say that the first bite was heavenly!! If you’re having a bad day and you get this wrap, you’ll undergo some sort of  emotional transformation lol! Yes it was that serious! So I told myself when next I find myself down south, I will  must visit this place. Found and opportunity and next thing you know, I’m journeying to Brampton! I always carry my camera with me so while eating up on their asun  meal, I asked with my fingers crossed if I could get a quick interview, and to my surprise, they said yes!🙂

It was pretty much unplanned so we did the best we could do, my camera battery died half way, so I ended up using my phone, but at the end of the day I was able to put two and two together and made the video. I do hope you guys like it🙂 Enjoy!

“For an unforgettable experience… Come into GET GRILL! We promise a taste for every palate!” ~ The chefs @ Get Grill

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