#EVENT All Things Ankara Fashion Week D.C. 2015 | Sat. July 25th @ The Fillmore Silver Spring Concert Hall #ATAFW2015



All Things Ankara Fashion Week D.C. 2015

“First Ever Ankara Print Fashion Week”

Showcasing, Highlighting & Celebrating Ankara Print Fashion”

“One of the Biggest African Fashion Events in D.C.”

(Washington, DC)-All Things Ankara presents the 2nd Cycle of All Things Ankara Fashion Week,D.C. taking place

 on July 25th, 2015

All Things Ankara:

All Things Ankara is a fashion blog that showcases ankara print fashions from all over the world. It is the #1 destination site for Ankara Print Fashion and the go to site for all things dealing with ankara print fashion. Over the last few years, All Things Ankara gained its popularity on Instagram (with currently 23,000+ followers) and in April 2014 an official online blog was launched.

All Things Ankara produces All Things Ankara Fashion Week and All Things Ankara Ball.

 All Things Ankara Fashion Week launched in October 2014 and  took place in was Washington, D.C.

 In October 2015, All Things Ankara Ball: The Official Nigeria Independence Day Ball will grace the Washington, D.C. Area to celebrate Nigeria’s 55th Independence.

Ankara (The Fabric):

 Ankara also known as “Ankara Print”, “African Prints”,”African Wax Prints”, “Wax Prints”, “Holland Wax” and “Dutch Wax” ,is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns. It is usually a colorful cloth and is primarily associated with Africa because of the tribal-like patterns and motifs. The cotton fabric is versatile and utilized in various industries, such as:

Clothing, Accessories, Footwear, and Furniture.

Ankara is made through an Indonesian wax-resist dyeing technique called Batik. In this technique, methods are used to “resist” the dye from reaching the entire cloth, thereby creating a pattern. Even though Ankara is associated with the African culture,  its origins are not authentically and wholly African. Dutch wax prints started out as an inexpensive mass-produced imitation of Indonesian batik fabric. It was originally intended for the Indonesian market but found a more enthusiastic market in West Africa, where it became symbols of traditional and high quality fashion.

From West Africa, this unique luxurious fabric spread to other parts of Africa and all over the world. Ankara has recently gained popularity in the global fashion scene from the likes of Beyoncé to the Vice President’s wife Jill Biden wearing it in their outfits.

All Things Ankara Fashion Week:

All Things Ankara Fashion Week is the first ever Ankara Print Fashion Week to exist. It is a series of fashion events that showcases,highlights, and celebrates Ankara Print Fashion. It is used as an economic platform to highlight and introduce emerging and established Ankara Print inspired designers and small businesses to the general public and untapped demographics. Fashion designers will showcase their latest luxurious Ankara designs on the runway, and small business owners will be able to sell and promote their products during the event.

All Things Ankara Fashion Week  includes: an official media launch/networking mixer, pop-up shops for vendors (including an Ankara Marketplace) and fashion shows for designers, and a brunch to conclude the fashion week

We plan on bringing All Things Ankara Fashion Week to other cities in the U.S. and around the world.


                   All Things Ankara Fashion Week, D.C. 2015:

All Things Ankara Fashion Week 2015  will take place in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area on July 25th, 2015.

It is a four day event that will showcase, highlight and celebrate Ankara Print Fashion. This is the first and largest Ankara Showcase as well as one of the biggest African Fashion Events in D.C. It will also be one of the largest productions of its kind on the East Coast.


All Things Ankara Fashion Week 2015 is a one day production with three events taking place

at the dynamic, luxurious, music and entertainment concert hall,

The Fillmore Silver Spring.

The Ankara Marketplace will take place at The Fillmore Silver Spring from 12p.-4p.

Admission: Free

The Ankara Fashion Show/LOFA Magazine Official Launch will also take place at The Fillmore Silver Spring from 7p-1a

Red Carpet: 7p-8p, Ankara Fashion Show 8p-10a & LOFA Magazine Official Launch: 10-1a

Admission: $30 Online & $40 at the Door


All Things Ankara Fashion Week DC 2015 will celebrate a popular fabric worn by many Africans,

 especially West Africans and increasingly others all over the world.

 We invite everyone to come out to the events during All Things Ankara Fashion Week DC 2015,, including Ankara and African Fashion enthusiasts.

Ankara Attire is highly encouraged for all events.

For Tickets, Application and More Info go to:

For Questions Please Email:



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