Film Production

#Spotlight Abort Mission | Another Short Film by Ifunanya Paulinus {Ify Photography}


Ifunanaya Paulinus is back with another short filmed titled Abort Mission, the film screened earlier this week at the Celebration Square in Mississauga.
Today it premieres online!
 What do you do, when you’re forced to a fork in the road? – A film of how unexpected events changes the course of actions we would normally take.
Producer/Director/Editor: Ifunanya Paulinus
Spoken Word Piece By: Tobi Ogude
Cinematographer: Malhar Patel
Production Manager: Ome Pius
Track Producer: Calabash CC
Man:Peluwa Adejuwon
Woman:Uche Umolu
Kid:Solomon Pius
Bullies:Noah Ramrickerson
Foustin Ramrickerson
Teenagers:Joshua Pius, Joy Pius
Friends:Fisayo Adejuwon, Ome Pius
Special thanks to Mira Szuberwood for the painting

Connect with Ify Paulinus


Instagram: ify_p


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