The Kaleidoscopian in collaboration with Le Rouge Affair 2015 presents The “Best Fashion Brand” Award


Happy New Month! Team 360 is back with their annual recognition and entertainment event!

Le Rouge Affair 2015; the last of Its kind! The event features a People’s Choice Awards where the people get  an opportunity to recognize really talented artists, creativity and performers by nominating and voting. Today, Nominations have started and they end August 15th.

Amongst the very many awards out there, The Kaleidoscopian is privileged to present the

Best Fashion Brand Award

The purpose of this award is to Recognize companies that are known for their excellence in providing elegant wears that include clothes, accessories, shoes, caps etc. 

CRITERIA: The company should have its base/office/outlet/store in Canada and functional between the May 2014 to August 2015

Nominations are closed

Please note: This category of best fashion brand award on The Kaleidoscopian site is the same as that on the Team 360 website

What do you think ?

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